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    So, what's with all the changes taking place at Wisconsin Lutheran Institutional Ministries?

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Our Stories

At a group discussion in a drug rehab facility a few years ago I asked everyone to think of a time in their lives where something happened that may have made them think there might be a God and that he might care about them. One by one people volunteered stories about narrow escapes from death:...

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Nov 01
Waukesha - Appleton - Sun Prairie
This year our Annual Delegate Meeting...
Dec 06
St. Jacobi - Greenfield, WI
Pastor Robert Pasbrig
Dec 07
St. Jacobi - Greenfield, WI
Pastor Bob Pasbrig

Ministry Insights

"One of the perks of this ministry in knowing how much you are appreciated. Week after week I go into the prison to study God's Word with "my guys" and week after week, they send me on my way with expressions of gratitude: "Thanks...
"Healthy Relationships class today was a lesson in and of itself when emotions were raised and opinions expressed without much thought. We were not quick to listen and slow to speak. Instead of just talking about principles of communication, we...
"It's so cool when you know that God just puts thoughts in our head. Stuff we've never planned or thought before and now it's becoming a prayer, or thought or insight. In talking with the ladies at the jail, the words popped out of my...