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Our Stories

There is a song which begins: “Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and mars. It takes a lot of pain. Love is like a cloud, holds a lot of rain. ...I really learned a lot…”  Sadly, the song ends by calling love a “lie.”   Sandy is a mother of a “...

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May 28
Trinity - Hartford WI
Pastor Bob Pasbrig
May 29
Trinity - Hartford WI
Pastor Bob Pasbrig
May 29
Salem East Side - Milwaukee WI
Chaplain Phil Merten

Ministry Insights

"So for our ice breaker question in group, I asked people what they see as a personal strength. One of the last ladies, who had recently been baptized by the chaplain at the jail, said, "My biggest strength is being born again as...
"One of the prison inmates in my addiction recovery group commented, “In the Bible God gave human beings dominion over the plants and animals of the earth. But we’ve gotten addicted to things like cocaine, alcohol, and heroin – all...
"In our Bible study today (Gen. 33), we covered the emotional reunion of two 90 year old twin brothers, whose hearts the Lord changed during their 20 year separation, in order to facilitate a reconciliation. May the the Lord, who...