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Terms like "tolerance" and "co-existence" sometimes get treated like fighting words by conservative Christians: "You're saying I should never speak up when somebody is wrong?" But I've seen a different side to those concepts among people who are working their...

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Sep 03
St Johns - Rock Springs WI
Institutional Ministries ...
Sep 06
Salem East Side - Milwaukee WI
Chaplain Phil Merten
Sep 27
Salem East Side - Milwaukee WI
Chaplain Phil Merten

Ministry Insights

"Several weeks ago in our study of the book of Acts, we talked about Paul's brief stop in Ephesus near the end of his second missionary journey. The people wanted him to stay on but Paul declined, promising, "I will come back if it is...
"The question of 'fearing God' came up in a prison Bible study last week: one man asked, 'Why does the Bible say I should be afraid of God, when God is the one who loves me and blesses me?' That got a lot of thoughtful discussion...
"I was asked to visit a Lutheran in the hospital. He no longer had any faith connections. He did tell me that Jesus was still important to him but "church stuff was not for him." I encouraged him to at least take spiritual medicine in the...