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    So, what's with all the changes taking place at Wisconsin Lutheran Institutional Ministries?

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Our Stories

OT(Old Testament)-Jacob schemed to get God's promise of the Savior to come from his own person and to take his father's property away from his brother. By deception he got it but then had to flee for his life. Twenty years later Jacob prepared to make amends and reunite with his brother. On...

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Nov 30
St. Philip - Milwaukee, WI
Pastor Mark Wenzel
Dec 06
St. Jacobi - Greenfield, WI
Pastor Robert Pasbrig
Dec 07
St. Jacobi - Greenfield, WI
Pastor Robert Pasbrig

Ministry Insights

"We received a note today expressing gratitude "for the incredible ministry 'you' perform in bringing love and truth to the needy". So, to all our "ministry-partners" out there working alongside of us in the institutions...
"“Why? Why? Why? Why does my cancer keep coming back?” This is a common question to hospital chaplains – even from dedicated Christians. I usually don’t have a direct answer. But sometimes as a third party...
"While standing outside talking with a member of my aftercare support group, a man walking down the street called out to us. He spoke as if he knew one of us or both. I recognized him as someone who had been in classes at the House of Corrections....