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Our Stories

I had been regularly meeting with Steve to study God’s Word for several years. Not once, in all that time, had he ever done anything out of line. He was, as they say in the movies, “the model inmate”.   But one week, when I expected to meet with Steve, I was informed...

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Apr 26
St John - Kendall WI & St Matthew - Ontario WI
Chaplain Ken Wenzel
Apr 26
St Peter - Milwaukee WI
Pastor Bob Pasbrig
Apr 27
Peace - Hartford WI
Chaplain Merten is conducting...

Ministry Insights

"It makes for an interesting time leading a Bible Study when there is little or no communication back. I try to open up the group with brief introductions, prayer requests, asking if anyone has had any church home. Last night all of these efforts...
"We watched the Road to Emmaus video last week in my prison Bible study. Everyone chuckled when one of my guys (who's seen the video multiple times) pointed out the green transformer box to the right of the path, just before Jesus and...
"A late trip to the cafeteria, an elevator ride to the wrong level, a confused look, a chance to help…recognition, celebration, thanksgiving. I met Danny unexpectedly today. Our paths crossed in the "everyday" of our day, no...