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Our Stories

Today I had an inmate in the office with whom I have been talking with concerning where he is going when he gets out. He has shared that he will be homeless and that he needs to change his ways, especially his drug use. So we made a phone call to Serenity Inns, a spiritual, residential treatment...

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May 08
St John - Jefferson WI
Chaplain Charles Iles
May 15
St Matthew's - Iron Ridge WI
Pastor Bob Pasbrig
May 17
St John - Waterloo WI
Chaplain Phil Merten: Prison Ministry...

Ministry Insights

"In our Bible study today (Gen. 33), we covered the emotional reunion of two 90 year old twin brothers, whose hearts the Lord changed during their 20 year separation, in order to facilitate a reconciliation. May the the Lord, who...
"This week's great hymn for study: Great is Thy Faithfulness. What peace for women in jail and mental health hospitals to know that while they change, lives change, relationships and people change, seasons change, God's amazing love and...
"“If I have to do all this to be in a relationship with someone, I think I’ll just not get into a relationship.” What the young man was having trouble grasping is that we are always in relationships with others whether we want to...