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Our Stories

Her short walk to the car was painful to observe. She couldn’t put a foot on the ground without wincing in pain. Her eyes were dull and her face downcast. Her arms scarred from cuts and burns. Her beauty hidden behind a wall of trauma, addiction, and shame. Her only pleasure seemed to come...

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Jul 03
Garden Homes - Milwaukee WI
Chaplain Phil Merten
Jul 03
Bethany - Hustisford WI
Pastor Bob Pasbrig
Jul 07
St Paul's - Neosho WI
Pastor Bob Pasbrig

Ministry Insights

"Recently, a lady brought a letter from her mother, which she wanted to read to our Bible study group. She felt it was helpful to her and believed it would be for others as well. She read it beautifully. It was a well-written, honest, and...
"Forgiving someone is hard work. To forgive us God had to send Jesus to live a perfect life under God’s laws and then suffer and die upon the cross for all of our sins. Jesus worked beyond our understanding. In the Lord’s Prayer He...
"Ralph and I are acquainted with some of the same people; he from his life on the streets, me from my ministry in the jail. As we talked about one young man, Ralph started sounding like a responsible, caring adult. He talked about giving...