1. Real Life Challenges

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  3. Changes at WLIM

    So, what's with all the changes taking place at Wisconsin Lutheran Institutional Ministries?

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Our Stories

There is an inmate, Raul, that Luis and I get to see regularly in Bible studies and pastoral visits. We've had some great experiences sharing God's grace with each other, but we know those times are coming to an end, because Raul's sentence will soon be up, and then he'll be...

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Apr 09
Centennial - Milwaukee WI
Chaplain Joe Radsek
Apr 12
Centennial - Milwaukee WI
Chaplain Joe Radsek
Apr 12
St Peter - Milwaukee WI
Chaplain Phil Merten

Ministry Insights

"An inmate shared this thought with me when he came to class instead of going to work in the laundry where he would earn time off of his sentence. 'I don’t want to get out of jail early, if I am still the same person I was when I came in...
"God gave me an intimate Bible study opportunity at the Huber Facility last evening with 5 in attendance. We considered the study "The Truth Will Set You Free," which focused on Jesus' words and actions in John 8 and John 3, and...
"I was pleased with the opportunity to study God's Word on Sunday at the County Jail. The Holy Spirit reminded us through the Gospel of who we are in Jesus and how we can serve our God and Savior as our thankful response. I didn't have...