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  2. Changes at WLIM

    So, what's with all the changes taking place at Wisconsin Lutheran Institutional Ministries?

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Our Stories

As someone involved in institutional ministry, I always find it encouraging to remember that God always has a plan and is working in His way and in His time.   It had been a while since I had last seen Lisa at the county jail. I had thought of her often, and had been praying that God was...

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Mar 02
Good Shepherd - West Allis, WI
Chaplain Radsek will be giving a...
Mar 04
St Jacobi - Greenfield WI
Chaplain Merten will be giving an...
Mar 04
St Pauls - Neosho WI
Pastor Bob Pasbrig

Ministry Insights

"We've been studying Psalm 23 verse by verse. It's been so fun. Each verse contains so much. So we're at the last part of the last verse and the word "dwell" just grabbed my attention. I felt that the word meant more than just...
"While the men at jail were sharing their stories of hurt and pain, one of the fellows shocked everyone into silence with the story of his childhood and his continuing struggles into adulthood. But they didn't remain silent, but asked incredibly...
"Lawrence has been a supporter of our prison ministry for over 10 years, and while he is but one of many, who prays for us and supports us with his gifts, he does so from the unique perspective of someone, who also is served by our ministry in the...