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Our Stories

I like to start group discussions by having everybody tell their name and how they feel at the moment, and then I’ll ask them to give a specific personal factoid. At an addiction recovery group in prison recently, my introductory question for them was: “If you were going to a costume...

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Jul 31
Zion - Cambria WI
Chaplain Charles Iles
Jul 31
New Life - Rockford IL
Chaplain Mark Wenzel
Aug 06
Woodlawn - West Allis WI
Chaplain Joe Radsek

Ministry Insights

"Last Sunday I had the privilege of participating in my first bible study at the country jail with Phil. Phil led the class on the familiar theme of repentance (always a key subject for the vital issues of sin and grace), and we all shared our...
"Our hymn for this week was Abide with Me. As we studied, one of the women said, "This is kind of like an Easter lesson." We began with the verses which the author had based the hymn upon (Luke 24, where the Emmaus...
"It was quite hot and humid in the prison today, but the guys turned out in spite of the heat to hear the soul-refreshing Word of God. Now, while I only had to endure the lack of AC for the few hours that I was at the prison, "my guys...