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    So, what's with all the changes taking place at Wisconsin Lutheran Institutional Ministries?

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Our Stories

OT(Old Testament)-Jacob schemed to get God's promise of the Savior to come from his own person and to take his father's property away from his brother. By deception he got it but then had to flee for his life. Twenty years later Jacob prepared to make amends and reunite with his brother. On...

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Dec 28
Good Shepherd - Holmen,
Pastor Joseph Radsek...
Dec 28
Grace - Madison, WI
Pastor Ken Wenzel
Dec 28
St. John Lomira, WI
Pastor Mark Wenzel

Ministry Insights

"An inmate recently shared these words of thanks: I learned a lot from the Bible study booklet you provided and I am thankful for your course. I am very pleased that Institutional Ministries cared enough to help and to show me and fellow inmates...
"There are times that you can't help but tear up as you see God work. It was a respectful, honest and reserved small group of three girls in the jail. I knew that while I needed to answer honestly about sin, I loved sharing God's...
"We had 5 men join for study on Sunday and the focus of our study was "Judging Others". We all need to remove the "plank" from our own eyes at times in order to see clearly. It is then we see God's grace in our lives....