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    So, what's with all the changes taking place at Wisconsin Lutheran Institutional Ministries?

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Our Stories

Maybe you have seen the artist's pictures of Jesus with a gentle smile. As a volunteer chaplain at a county jail, that picture came to my mind recently. I spoke to a prisoner after my Bible class and he confessed to his heroin addiction. He told me that his parents no longer love him. His...

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Nov 30
St. Philip - Milwaukee, WI
Pastor Mark Wenzel
Dec 06
St. Jacobi - Greenfield, WI
Pastor Robert Pasbrig
Dec 07
St. Jacobi - Greenfield, WI
Pastor Robert Pasbrig

Ministry Insights

"“Why? Why? Why? Why does my cancer keep coming back?” This is a common question to hospital chaplains – even from dedicated Christians. I usually don’t have a direct answer. But sometimes as a third party...
"While standing outside talking with a member of my aftercare support group, a man walking down the street called out to us. He spoke as if he knew one of us or both. I recognized him as someone who had been in classes at the House of Corrections....
"Most of the guys I deal with in prison are serving sentences of five years or less. Not Al. Al's about ten years into a 75 year sentence. And Al's not young. He's also far from hopeless. Al seems to me to be a living example of what...